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With Topical Storm Ian gaining strength it should be a Category 3 Hurricane. Its track has it hitting the Florida coast around Wednesday. On its current path it will take it straight over the GMRS Live Cooperate Offices, Lucky us... This will disrupt some services. The Registration Server as well as the HUBs, DYNDNS and Website Server will be fine as they are hosted out of state in a Hillbilly Farm Shack, out of harms way. Access from Florida to the servers to update any settings or user information (new or changes) before during and most likely after the storm may not be possible. Everything on the network should continue as it does now with the exception of the Zello link. Since it originates locally in Florida it may go down. The HUB will still be accessible as well as the Zello channel itself, just the link between the two may suffer. Sorry if this causes any problem for current users as well as any new users trying to get on or join the network but it is out of our control.

Moderators for the GMRS Live Hosted HUBs

Everything on the network is working great. But Admins can't be everywhere at once. There has been on occasion a stuck node or a repeater receiving interference and disrupting the HUBS. Or you may get unauthorized users saying things over a repeater that shouldn't be said. To help combat this we have a few users that have stepped up and volunteered to help. In case of some sort of interference or noise they have access to remove the offending node(s) until it is corrected. These 'Moderators' have a better chance of being online and hearing these minor things when we are unavailable. They are just normal users like you (and us) out talking on the radio having fun at our hobby. But thanks to them things will stay pleasant for all to use, plus free up valuable time for the Admins to do other task. This ONLY effects HUBS hosted by GMRS Live Network. We/they have no control of the many HUBs or other Nodes created and operated by the users of the network. If there is a issue with any node not hosted by GMRS Live you would need to contact that node owner.

So to your new Moderators...

Chris Reine (WRFT828)
BJ Pinsky (WRNS719)
Coy Wagoner (WRKB779)
Kirk McCann (WRJN397)

Thanks for supporting the network and helping make it a enjoyable experience for all.
- Admins, GMRS Live

New 900 HUB

There is a new HUB on the Network. It is the 900...

The 900 is a EOC (Emergency Operations Center) HUB. Its use is for during a EMERGENCY. Last year when a hurricane threatened the Northern Gulf of Mexico (Louisiana area) many network users stayed in contact and received updates while using the 700. A few users outside the effected area questioned if they could still use the 700 for normal communications, the answer was yes. Repeater and simplex users in the path of the storm questioned if they could stay on the 700 to communicate during the storm, the answer was YES, of course! The 900 was created so these users in the path of or in other EMERGENCY situations have somewhere they can gather. If a emergency arises or is in the near future all effected parties are encourage to switch to the 900. Along with the effected parties anyone of our users may go to and use the 900. The 900 is NOT for general chit chat! Users outside of the effected area can use the channel to ask for updates or such while the channel is clear. Users outside the effected area can even just go and monitor to see how their fellow members are doing. All users are welcome But be it known...



When a user finishes a transmission (on the 900) they will here a series of distinctive beeps indicating they are transmitting on a emergency channel. Only the person transmitting will hear these beeps at unkey. This is nothing fancy. Just a indication your on the emergency channel.

The emergency can have many natures, Fire, Snow Storm, Hurricane, Tornado.... Emergencies have many ugly faces.

GMRS Live Admins or Moderators do not have to give permission for the 900 HUB use. If you need it then use it. Just remember it is a tool to help our fellow users. All HUBS host by GMRS Live are on National Datacenter Servers. GMRS Live DOES NOT and CAN NOT guarantee the operation of the HUB. We do everything we can to make and keep all of our HUBS active but do to technical problems there can be outages. Our data center has a 99.9999% uptime and we have NEVER had a outage. Even when they notified us of a move we noticed zero network issues.

If you are not seeing the 900 hub on the status page it can be for 2 reasons. You may need to refresh your page or you are looking at a page you bookmarked. If you bookmarked the status page and not the GMRS Live main page it will not reflect this and future updates. You should always bookmark the main GMRS Live Home page (, then click the status page. This will guarantee you get the latest and greatest things.

Nodes Back Online

The hosted nodes are back online. Well most of them.

There was a interest in having them back as well as some confusion on what was/is GMRS Live and what was not. A few users stepped up to moderate the HUBS to take the load off the Admins making it easier to put back on. We will let you know who they are as soon as we get everything in place. The old status page address is no longer in service. The status page can be found here on the blue banner. If you want to bookmark the status page it is best to bookmark this 'GMRSLIVE.COM' page. This way you will see any updates we post and if we move a node around it won't break your bookmark link. For now the 700, 411, and 611 are back. If there is a need more can be added. Sorry for all the confusion.


Image Updated

The image has been updated. With this update the image should run on the new pi4 chipsets. The GMRS Live Team

Status Page Update

We have been updating the status pages on the system. We recommend anytime you are bookmarking the status page, bookmark the main page and not the links as they may change and break.

Any user that hosts a HUB (not a private node) for multiple users to connect to are free to add that link under 'Networks' tab on our status page. Other users can then click on the link to access your status page with the proper ports open. Just send us a email with the status page link (or use our nameserver) and what you want the description to be. It will be reviewed and posted as soon as possible.

If any users have a personal node they want listed in the 'Personal Community' section of our status page so others can see your status page can now do this also. As with the hubs you must have ports opened for access. Just send us a email with the link. We will use your node number as the description.

The GMRS Live Team

GMRS Live now has a Dynamic Nameserver

Entering your node number followed by will send you to the ip address your node is connected to. No more needing to register and configure a outside service.

Lets say your node 1234 and you setup supermon. All that would be needed is port forward (in your router) port 80 and then in your browser go to.. (add /supermon at the end for your supermon page)

That's it. No setup required. No configuring client updaters. Your node will keep the server updated.

Do you have multiple nodes in multiple locations? No problem, this is on a 'per node' bases. Each node updates independently. Move the node to a different place?? No problem.

This will work for other services you have in your home (or wherever the node is). If you happen to turn your node off it will stop updating the ip but will retain the last ip it received, so you can continue to use it until your ip changes.

This free service is running and available now to ALL nodes on the GMRS Live System. No action is required by the user. Everything seems stable but is still in the testing phase. When a node is connected to a new location or if your ip address changes it can take up to 6 minutes (as in most services of this type) for the changes to be reflected on the server.

Thanks to Ian McBride (WRNC471) for his help on this project!

The GMRS Live Group

DNS Update Video

DNS Update is going great. There is still a few users that need to update. April 30th is not to far away.

We would like to thank Chris Bloxsom for taking his valuable time to create this video. The video is posted on our Facebook page but below is a direct link to the YouTube video. If after watching you have any question you can reach out on Facebook or you can always contact support via email or on the Zello Support Channel.

GMRS Live DNS Video