Image Updated

The image has been updated. With this update the image should run on the new pi4 chipsets. The GMRS Live Team

Status Page Update

We have been updating the status pages on the system. We recommend anytime you are bookmarking the status page, bookmark the main page and not the links as they may change and break.

Any user that hosts a HUB (not a private node) for multiple users to connect to are free to add that link under 'Networks' tab on our status page. Other users can then click on the link to access your status page with the proper ports open. Just send us a email with the status page link (or use our nameserver) and what you want the description to be. It will be reviewed and posted as soon as possible.

If any users have a personal node they want listed in the 'Personal Community' section of our status page so others can see your status page can now do this also. As with the hubs you must have ports opened for access. Just send us a email with the link. We will use your node number as the description.

The GMRS Live Team

GMRS Live now has a Dynamic Nameserver

Entering your node number followed by will send you to the ip address your node is connected to. No more needing to register and configure a outside service.

Lets say your node 1234 and you setup supermon. All that would be needed is port forward (in your router) port 80 and then in your browser go to.. (add /supermon at the end for your supermon page)

That's it. No setup required. No configuring client updaters. Your node will keep the server updated.

Do you have multiple nodes in multiple locations? No problem, this is on a 'per node' bases. Each node updates independently. Move the node to a different place?? No problem.

This will work for other services you have in your home (or wherever the node is). If you happen to turn your node off it will stop updating the ip but will retain the last ip it received, so you can continue to use it until your ip changes.

This free service is running and available now to ALL nodes on the GMRS Live System. No action is required by the user. Everything seems stable but is still in the testing phase. When a node is connected to a new location or if your ip address changes it can take up to 6 minutes (as in most services of this type) for the changes to be reflected on the server.

Thanks to Ian McBride (WRNC471) for his help on this project!

The GMRS Live Group

DNS Update Video

DNS Update is going great. There is still a few users that need to update. April 30th is not to far away.

We would like to thank Chris Bloxsom for taking his valuable time to create this video. The video is posted on our Facebook page but below is a direct link to the YouTube video. If after watching you have any question you can reach out on Facebook or you can always contact support via email or on the Zello Support Channel.

GMRS Live DNS Video